April 28-30 - Students attended the 2nd Annual American Physician Scientists Association (APSA) meeting. Chicago, Il (Link)

Student Guidebook

Download the MD/PhD student guidebook here, it is attached to this post.

Choosing an adviser

Choosing your mentor for grad school is one of the more important decisions you will make in any MD/PhD program. Do you join the gigantic lab with 20 post-docs, 15 grad students, 5 lab techs, and a world renowned PI who probably won't know your name for the first couple of years? Or, do you pick the recently hired faculty member who is full of enthusiasm and has plenty of time (maybe too much) to teach you, but is still wet behind the ears to the whole having a student thing? The choice is yours, but choose carefully as the decision has a great impact on your progress in graduate school. From The NIH Catalyst, Volume 3, page 23.
Graphic from The NIH Catalyst, Volume 3, page 23.

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