MD-PhD Funding - F30 NRSA & other funding sources...


Information about the NIH F30 NRSA grant for MD-PhD students can be found here:

The actual forms to submit the grant may be downloaded here:

AMA Seed Grant Research Program

These grants are awarded to medical students, residents, and physician fellows to help fund small basic science, applied, or clinical research projects. While not intended to be the sole source of your funding, they will help offset costs for supplies and lab equipment in the initial stages of a project. At one point I read you are only able to be awarded the grant once in a lifetime, so choose wisely when you apply for this. It may be better to use during residency when research money is sparce, but you have an idea for a project to try.

Information & Application:

Deadline: December 1, 2006
Awards Announced: March 15, 2007