MD/PhD Program Retreat (July 21-23)

Retreat Photos:

Summary of the event:

  • Students arrived Friday night, Dinner at Fat Tony's with drinks at Rum Runners
    • Some students reported rare ailment termed "Fat Tony's revenge."
  • Saturday meeting began with Grant Writing intro by Drs. Paul Laurienti and "Cash" McCall
  • Student Presentations by: Kim Blish, Matt Schindler, Lan Coffman, & Eric Hudgins
  • Dinner on the ocean-front patio
  • Late night "liver rounds" presented on the beach

Items brought up for discussion:

  • Next year's retreat: rental house for 1 week?
    • (+) Flexible arrival dates for everyone
    • (+) Bring significant others
    • (-) May cost a little more
  • Share the Health Volunteering option received support from most students
    • Concern/Issue: time requirement